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If you're wondering what a Let's Make Cupcakes class is like, here are some testimonials from previous students...

Let's Make Cupcakes
Let's Make Cupcakes
Let's Make Cupcakes
Let's Make Cupcakes
Let's Make Cupcakes

98% of students say they would like to take more classes with Let's Make Cupcakes.

After taking a class, 100% of students say that the class prices are good value, or that they would pay more.

"This is the third cupcake class I have taken locally, and it is by far the best - I wish I had come to you first! You cover so much more and answered questions they couldn't answer. I can't wait to come back for more!" Emma

"I thought that I would be the only one who left with really rubbish cakes - I really can't believe I made these cakes myself! I didn't realise we'd be making everything from scratch - I now feel like I can do this myself at home." Mandy

"I can't believe how amazing this really was - I didn't think for a second I would make anything anywhere near this good, no-one will believe I made these myself as I've never even baked a cake before! I researched lots of classes before booking and know I could have paid more than double what you charge, but there's no way that another class could be better than this. I've already booked the Wedding class and can't wait!" Jo

"It really was a brilliant class. My family couldn't believe how amazing my cupcakes looked, thanks to Rachel. Looking forward to the next class." Julie

"Great pace and open session, comfortable enough to ask questions, beautiful setting... Really had a great day Rachel and learnt so much, currently enjoying my pretty creations and they are yum! Will keep my eye out for further classes...." Krissie

"It was the nicest day - relaxed, friendly and fun. Thanks Rachel!" Becky

"Best price and location - didn't want to go to London or up north. Very reasonable price." Julie

"Good pace, lots of info, lots of practical work, good and plentiful equipment... excellent, thanks!" Kate

"Great class, enjoyed every aspect of the tuition and content. Would definitely recommend to friends and family, already looking forward to the next workshop!" Teresa

"Loved it! My first class of this sort of thing, and I'd love to come back!" Sharon

"The day has been fantastic and very easy, with very good instruction and a very high standard." Alison

"Really enjoyed the day - I love making cupcakes and this has enhanced my confidence to keep going." Julie

"A very high class learning experience - I have no faith in my cooking abilities and am thrilled with what I have created. Thank you again - your knowledge is incredible, and infectious." Liz

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