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Sugar Modelling: Teddy Bear's Picnic

Create your very own teddy bear's picnic scene in this Sugar Modelling class - learn the fundamentals of modelling, from teddies to toadstools, and add valuable skills to your decorating repertoire.

Let's Make Cupcakes
Let's Make Cupcakes
Let's Make Cupcakes

Skill level: Beginner - intermediate

Book both half-day classes on the same day and lunch will be included. See our booking page for dates.

Sugar Modelling - Teddy Bear's Picnic is a new class, designed to cover all the fundamentals of sugar modelling. You'll learn to create a variety of models from scratch, from a feature teddy bear, to picnic food, toadstools and more!

This three-hour has been specially designed to teach you a wide variety of skills in a short time - not only will you be able to create these cakes at home, but you will also learn versatile skills than can be applied to a wide variety of cakes, whether they're kids' cupcakes or wedding cakes! You'll learn techniques for forming the necessary shapes from your modelling paste, whatever models you'd like to make in future.

This class is most suited to those with some cupcake decorating experience, but even if you have never decorated a cake before, you will still be amazed at what you can achieve in this class. If you would like a general baking and decorating course, please check out our Let's Make... Perfect Cupcakes class, the ultimate class for anyone who wants to learn or improve their all-round cake decorating skills.

Sugar modelling is a vital skill for any cake decorator, whatever you want to create - we'll teach you how to select your materials and tools, and how to approach any models you'd like to make in the future.

You will make:
- A gorgeous teddy bear
- Picnic food, and picnic basket
- Cute toadstools and snails
- Grass-topped cupcakes and picnic blankets

You will learn:
- How to select the right edible materials for every part of your models
- Which tools you'll need
- How to use your tools creatively to make yourself time and money

At the end of the class, you'll put all of these elements together into an adorable woodland picnic scene featuring your teddy.

As well as the specific decorations above, I will answer all of your cake-related questions in class - students are also welcome to email me at any time after a class for help and advice. Time permitting, you'll get a chance to come up with your own simple little models and get input on how to improve them.

All equipment, ingredients and materials are included in the class price. You will take home your six finished cupcakes, and you will receive a specially-written info pack containing all the recipes and instructions from the day via email.

There will also be a tea and coffee break during the class. If you book two half-day classes on the same day, you will also receive a light lunch included in the price.

We believe that learning to save money is one of the most important lessons a budding cake decorator can learn – sugarcraft can be a very expensive business, so we’ll explain which tools you really need, and how to save the most money whilst achieving the same effects.

At the end of the class, we’ll have a Q&A session, where you can ask any cupcake questions, as well as ask for further tips on anything we’ve covered during the day. It's then time to pack your creations into the beautiful handbag box provided, and take them home to amaze your family and friends.

What is included?
As well as the day’s instruction and all materials and equipment, you will also receive an info pack containing all recipes and instructions the day, and there will be a tea / coffee break during the class. If you book both half-day classes on the same day, you will also get a light lunch included in the class price.

Students are encouraged to email us with any problems or questions at any time after the class, giving you ongoing support with your baking and decorating.

What will I take home?
- Your six beautifully decorated cupcakes in a unique ‘handbag’ box
- An information pack containing the recipes and instructions from the day
- The skills to create beautiful cupcakes whenever you choose!

If you want to get started with your new hobby straight away, a limited supply of the tools used in the class will be available to buy on the day. We can accept cash or credit/debit cards.

Your information pack will also contain information on suppliers for everything used on the day – we’ve carefully researched the best suppliers for everything, to save you time.

What do I need to bring?
We don’t believe you should have to buy equipment for any classes, so all materials, ingredients and equipment will be provided, as well as lunch and refreshments.

Please do bring an apron or an old shirt to protect your clothes, and a pen and notepad in case you want to make any notes.

You might also want to bring a small cardboard box so that you can take home any of the decorations you’ve made but didn’t use on the day.

Price: £55 per person, or £99 for both half-day classes on the same day - see the booking page for dates.
Time: 10:00 – 13:30 (timings for some dates may vary - please check the booking page)
Dates: The dates for this class and others can be found on our booking page.
Venue: Various - see booking page

Participants must be aged 16 or over.
Please do not bring camcorders to classes.
Students may take photographs of their own work
Please carefully check dates before booking, as unfortunately we cannot issue refunds if you have to cancel.
If we need to cancel a class for any reason, we will of course give full refunds.

Price: £55.00 per person
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