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Let's Make... Christmas Cupcakes

Let's Make... Christmas Cupcakes builds upon the skills learnt in our Perfect Cupcakes course. This fabulously festive class is designed to increase your knowledge and skills in cupcake decorating.

Let's Make Cupcakes
Let's Make Cupcakes
Let's Make Cupcakes

Skill level: Beginner - intermediate

Let's Make... Christmas Cupcakes builds upon the skills learnt in our Let's Make... Perfect Cupcakes course. This fabulously festive class is designed to increase your knowledge and skills in cupcake decorating, and give you the confidence to try new ideas and techniques at home.

Although the designs contained within this class are all Christmas-themed, the techniques you will learn are incredibly versatile - the character modelling and sugarpaste techniques can be taken and applied to everything from kids cupcakes to elegant wedding cupcakes. The designs have been carefully chosen to incorporate the essential techniques that every budding cake decorator should know, and the class will increase your versatility as a decorator enormously.

The class includes:

Discussion of tools, consumables, equipment and colour schemes
Creating a beautiful collection of cupcakes requires you to understand the tools at your disposal, whether equipment, colour or types of paste, so that you can use them to your advantage. We'll reveal many tricks of the trade when it comes to designing a collection of cupcakes for any occasion.

Prepping cupcakes and covering in sugarpaste
We will discuss the methods for creating perfectly and evenly domed cupcakes - a different technique than the 'flat-tops' covered in our Perfect Cupcakes class. We'll then learn how to coat the cakes in buttercream correctly, and create the perfect sized sugarpaste tops, so that your cakes look flawless and are ready for your decorations. Once the cakes are ready, we'll look at the huge variety of designs that use a sugarpaste top as the base - from faces to gifts, baubles and much more - the only limit to the possbilities of this technique is your imagination!

Character modelling
Creating cute models, such as the penguins and Christmas trees, can seem daunting - we'll teach you the simple techniques involved in creating modelled characters. When you know these tricks, with a bit of practice you can make any model you like.

Lustre stencilling
Create beautiful and effective designs, from Christmas baubles to fabric effects - we'll show you how to create a crisp effect with stencils, powders and brushes.

Making beautiful bows
The techniques involved in making bows from modelling paste and florist paste are some of the most essential in cake decorating. Once you've mastered the bow, you'll find you can use it everywhere from your Christmas creations through to elegant wedding cupcakes, kids' birthday cakes and more.

Creating striped sugarpaste
Ever wondered how cake decorators create striped cake coverings? We're going to show you how, and help you to create the perfect striped wrapping paper effect.

You will decorate 12 pre-baked cupcakes in a variety of styles, which you will take home in a stunning gift box, perfect for a sweet Christmas present! You will also receive an info pack stuffed with instructions for all the decorating styles in the class, and vital supplier information. As always, we will provide a delicious lunch in the hotel's restaurant and refreshments throughout the day.

Is this the right class for me?
This is an Intermediate class - it is suitable for those who have taken our Perfect Cupcakes class, or for those who have some experience in cake decorating at home.

To ensure that this class is suitable for your skill level, we recommend that you have experience of handling sugarpaste and florist paste, as well as using cutters (particularly plungers).

This is a pre-baked class, which means we will provide the cupcakes for you and will not be baking them in class. However, we will provide recipes and tips, and answer any of your baking questions.

If you would like to take this class but don't feel confident with the skills listed above, or would like to learn how to bake amazing bases and pipe perfect buttercream tops, we would recommend taking our Let's Make... Perfect Cupcakes class first.

What do I need to bring?
We don’t believe you should have to buy equipment for any classes, so all materials, ingredients and equipment will be provided, as well as lunch and refreshments.

Please do bring an apron or an old shirt to protect your clothes, and a pen and notepad in case you want to make any notes.

We also recommend that you bring an empty shoe box or similar small cardboard box so that you can take home any of the decorations you’ve made but didn’t use on the day.

If you would like to purchase the equipment or consumables used in class, we will have a small amount available for purchase. Please note, we can only accept cash or a Paypal payment for product purchases.

Price: £99 per person, including lunch and refreshments
Time: 10:30am – 4:30pm
Dates: The dates for this class and others can be found on our booking page.
Venue:See booking page for venue
Participants must be aged 16 or over.
Please do not bring camcorders to classes.
Students may take photographs of their own work
Please carefully check dates before booking, as unfortunately we cannot issue refunds if you have to cancel.
If we need to cancel a class for any reason, we will of course give full refunds.

Price: £99.00 per person
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